h e r i n   h a r a m o t o

An interaction designer with passion for people and nature. Recently graduated from CIID in feb 2021, currently looking for an opportunity.

Recent works include:
🌿Life Centered Design
🤖Machine Learning,
🌈Creative Coding,
🦾Physical Computing,
and 🎨Illustration

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Herin Haramoto

An interaction designer with a passion for people and nature.

Recent works include: 🌿Life Centered Research, 🤖Machine Learning, 🌈Creative Coding, 🦾Physical Computing, 🦋Biomimicry, 🎬Animation and 🎨Illustration

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Interaction Design, Design Research, Rapid Prototyping, Life / People Centered Design, Ethnographic Research, Ideation, User Testing, Concept Development

Teamwork, Adaptability, Interpersonal Abilities, Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness


IxDA Shortlisted - Camino Del Perezoso


English, Japanese, Korean, French

          2021 March

          2020 | 2021 


          2019 | 2020

          2019 | 2019

          2017 | 2018

          2013 | 2017

          2020 | 2021

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Interaction Designer / Design Researcher
Frolic Studio - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Interaction Designer (Remote)
for Facebook Reality Lab, LEGO, and CRUSA foundation
Industry Projects at CIID - San José, Costa Rica

UX Designer (Remote)
GoodPatch.Inc - Tokyo, Japan

Creative & Design Intern
North Kingdom - Skellfteå, Sweden

Synergy Marketing Associate
The Walt Disney Company - Tokyo, Japan

Finance / Recruitment Consultant
Airswift - Doha, Qatar


Interaction Design Programme
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
- San José, Costa Rica

Industrial Design Intensive
Umeå Institute of Design - Umeå, Sweden

BSc Business Administration
International Christian University - Tokyo, Japan

Cinematographic for Exchange year
Université Paris Diderot - Paris, France

     Design Tools


     Physical Modeling
     Physical Computing
     Laser Cutting
     3D Printing
     Origami Studio

     Graphic Design

     Adobe Photoshop
     Adobe Illustrator
     Adobe After Effects
     Adobe Premiere Pro
     Adobe Indesign