h e r i n   h a r a m o t o

An interaction designer with passion for people and nature. Recently graduated from CIID in feb 2021, currently looking for an opportunity.

Recent works include:
🌿Life Centered Design
🤖Machine Learning,
🌈Creative Coding,
🦾Physical Computing,
and 🎨Illustration

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Herin Haramoto

An interaction designer with a passion for people and nature.

Recent works include: 🌿Life Centered Research, 🤖Machine Learning, 🌈Creative Coding, 🦾Physical Computing, 🦋Biomimicry, 🎬Animation and 🎨Illustration

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Collaboration with industry 

I am a purpose-driven designer and believe that meaning, function, aesthetics, and interaction come together to create special design experience and narrative for people.

I enjoy learning from people and nature, and love turning those insights into a meaningful design that connects people and people, people and their surroundings, also delivering a deeply emotional experience.

Recently, I have been focusing on exploring and designing for a symbiotic relationship with nature that allows humans to give back to the environment.

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︎ h.haramoto@edu.ciid.dk
︎ +506 7268 5998
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