h e r i n   h a r a m o t o

An interaction designer with passion for people and nature. Recently graduated from CIID in feb 2021, currently looking for an opportunity.

Recent works include:
🌿Life Centered Design
🤖Machine Learning,
🌈Creative Coding,
🦾Physical Computing,
and 🎨Illustration

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Herin Haramoto

An interaction designer with a passion for people and nature.

Recent works include: 🌿Life Centered Research, 🤖Machine Learning, 🌈Creative Coding, 🦾Physical Computing, 🦋Biomimicry, 🎬Animation and 🎨Illustration

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Fire Lamp

Intro to Programming

1 day | May 2020 | Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Role: Ideation,  Physical Prototyping

Team: Julian Jimsa

If we could interact with the products around us with more natural gestures, what kind of interactions could we expect?

Our first attempt was an interaction that naturally lights up when the room gets dark. How would the relationship between us and the lamp change if the lamp reacted to the surrounding environment as if it were alive?


We also thought about a more natural interaction between people and fire (a lamp). People put their hands close to a lit fire and blow on it to finish its role.