h e r i n   h a r a m o t o

An interaction designer with passion for people and nature. Recently graduated from CIID in feb 2021, currently looking for an opportunity.

Recent works include:
🌿Life Centered Design
🤖Machine Learning,
🌈Creative Coding,
🦾Physical Computing,
and 🎨Illustration

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Herin Haramoto

An interaction designer with a passion for people and nature.

Recent works include: 🌿Life Centered Research, 🤖Machine Learning, 🌈Creative Coding, 🦾Physical Computing, 🦋Biomimicry, 🎬Animation and 🎨Illustration

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✲ About me ✲

I am an interaction designer / researcher with an emphasis on people-centered research. Having lived in a multiplicity of countries since an early age where I was exposed to different cultures and societies made me develop a passion for understanding people and how to make their lives better. After spending four years in the Middle East, I decided to step into the design world in order to connect people with their environment, providing them better experiences.

I am a purpose-driven designer and believe that meaning, function, and aesthetics come together to create beautiful design experience. I have an affinity for finding problems and enjoy researching, and prototyping, not only in the lab and studio, but also among people and nature. I also strongly believe in collaborating across different fields. As one designer, I want to explore and design ways for people to develop a symbiotic relationship with nature, where humans give back to the environment without any burden. Specifically I have been pondering how to design this coexistence in areas such as of food, material, and living space.

In my practice I look forward to staying close to people and learn how to use design as a tool, not only for the good of them but also for a more sustainable and long-lasting experience for both humans and nature, whether in tangible or intangible way.

︎ Inspiring friends

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